Mana Pools Zimbabwe: A destination beyond the river

September 14 2018

Mana Pools as a Twin Centre Destination

Mana Pools, a UNESCO Site, famed for its outstanding beauty and timeless wilderness has long been cherished by safari aficionados as classic safari country. Nestled between the slow-flowing Zambezi River and escarpment to the south, lies an area of varied terrain carved over millennia by the meandering waterway to create numerous oxbow lakes and fertile terraces where mahogany and acacia provide shade in the heat of the day for the abundant wildlife.

The Zambezi River is the lifeblood of the area and much of the safari activities and camps concentrate along its banks. Yet the less explored interior of this park holds its own charm and delivers a safari experience that complements that avaiable at the riverside.

Outposts Travel Africa works closely with African Bush Camps who offer just such an experience by combining Zambezi Expeditions, on the river floodplain, with Kanga Camp, overlooking a pan in the remote interior.

Zambezi Expeditions is a semi mobile camp delivering a true sense of pioneering adventure. The camp is simple in design, capturing the spirit of a time when explorers first ventured into the wilds of Mana. Activities concentrate on the river and its floodplain allowing guests to explore the riverine forests on foot or by game drive as well as canoe safaris or fishing from the shoreline or islands.

Kanga Camp is a haven, particularly in the dry season, as wildlife is drawn to the pan. As a permanent camp, it contrasts the experience of Zambezi Expeditions but retains the character of a bush camp. The diverse mix of vlei lines, river systems and woodlands are a delight to explore on foot or by vehicle, while the “armchair safari” allows guests to leisurely watch the comings and goings of the wildlife from the deck overlooking the pan.

Mana Madness Special Offer

If you are looking to travel in October and November 2018, all new bookings will receive FREE FLIGHTS in and out of Mana Pools, with Safari Logistics. Spend 6 nights or more at any African Bush Camps properties, with at least 3 nights at either Zambezi Expeditions or Kanga Camp to qualify.

Walking safaris are a key attraction of Mana Pools, which provides some of the best elephant and wild dog encounters on foot. As there are low human populations within the surrounding areas the resident wildlife is relatively relaxed around visitors on foot, giving Mana Pools a reputation as one of the best walking safari destinations in Africa.

Mana Pools is a seasonal destination, so the camps operate from April – November. During the early part of the season the resident wildlife is slowly drawn back to the riverine area and pans. At this time of year, the floodplains around Zambezi Expeditions can make for easier wildlife sightings, as the vegetation below the riverine forest canopies is less dense. By June Kanga comes into its own as the local vegetation has thinned sufficiently to provide good game sightings and the limited inland sources of water attracts wildlife to the Kanga pan. A twin centre experience of Mana Pools ensures that visitors can enjoy the riches of this national park whenever they may choose to visit.

Outposts Travel Africa can tailormake your holiday to Zimbabwe. If you are interested in visiting Mana Pools simply contact us and we'll put together an itinerary to suit you.


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