Harbour House, Kalk Bay

February 22 2015

Devin has worked for Outposts, the Adventure specialist in the UK for several years and is sorely missed. 

We were off to meet a relation of Michaels for lunch at Harbour House, Kalk Bay. We had a great orientation drive on the way taking in the best surfing spots; I even spotted some frolicking dolphins, but no great white sharks!

Harbour House was a wonderful combination of clean white lines, with beachy wooden floor boards. Chique and hip,with a promise of excellent sea food. We were not disappointed and treated ourselves to a truly memorable lunch, whilst listening to the extraordinary adventures of Michaels cousin, who had certainly lived life to the full, all over the world. I can highly recommend booking lunch here , especially ask for a window seat, and allow time to walk in Kalk Bay to enjoy the fishing community vibe.

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