Let the adventure begin...DD arrives in Cape Town!

February 21 2015

Le Lezard Bleu is situated in a quiet street and like many locations in towns, quite a lot is squeezed into a smallish space. The bedrooms look out onto a verdant garden with a clean pool and have doors opening out onto a balcony. They are simple, comfortable and all have ensuite bathrooms. There is an abundance of lizards both real and manufactured around every corner giving an arty atmosphere. Hans-Christopher and Nicky are tremendously welcoming and helpful, even lending me a phone for a local call.

Some guests' comments were that it is not 4 star as acclaimed; maybe they are right, but it's exactly as I imagined and I feel very comfortable here. Nicky has strong feelings for design and likes to keep to her look without compromise. I feel relaxed and at home and I have not even tried breakfast yet, or looked around the treehouse rooms. There are 2 family rooms and I get the impression this is a very friendly and adaptable household who enjoy welcoming new friends and treat them as such.

More to follow so wait for the next instalment! DD


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