Last day in Cape Town

March 06 2015

It reminded me of walking in Nepal without the altitude. Lots of steps and rocks, a steep incline and lots of stopping to sip the ice cold water carried in Devin’s extremely heavy back pack. It was a beautiful walk and I plodded up happily meeting all sorts on the way up, young , old, and many nationalities. I feel I must have burned off some of those accumulated calories of the last enjoyable 10 days.

The walk and the view from the top is superb, marred only by the residue smoke from the terrible fires right up to Cape Point. What sadness. Thank goodness the fynbos needs fire to regenerate so will grow again in all its splendour. Many animals were killed and lots of people lost everything in the blaze.

The only down side is that there were many others enjoying the same view from Table Mountain and a lot of queuing had to take place to get down in the cable car. I did get ZAR50 for being over 50 which was good.....I think, and we treated ourselves to a HUGE ICE CREAM! Walking down was not going to do my knees any good and I wanted to see the view from the cable car as it whizzes down, rotating so you get an all-round experience.

I have posted more photos on my Travel Africa Facebook page so do have a look and LIKE and SHARE. Tonight I meet Nicky and Stephen, other clients who have been enjoying Cape Town too. They have been shark diving today so I look forward to hearing all about it. Nicky and I leave horribly early to fly to Johannesburg to begin the next adventure, a Riding Safari with Limpopo Valley Horse Safaris in Botswana.

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