Kicheche Camps | A Wilderness Awakening

December 23 2016

Outposts TA loves the Kicheche camps. They care for the land where their camps are and they put back into the conservancies and give benefit  to the local communities. The experience they offer is high quality and real and is highly recommended.

At this time of year when goodwill is high on the festive agenda, I can think of no better exponents then Kicheche and their remarkable outreach programme with their Kicheche community trust. Education, health, community empowerment and conservation are not just for Christmas and an incredible 25 % of their net turnover goes into Conservation. In real terms that means $700,000! A lot isn't it.

Staying just outside the reserve and cramming people into minibuses driven by unqualifed drivers is very much the Herod or Ebeneezer Scrooge template, Kicheche provides the gold, frankinsense and myrrh. 1580 families benefit directly from land leased by the Mara Conservancies. Kicheche care; they look after these people making sure their relationship with the camps and the Mara is a 'stable' one …

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