Kenya - Lewa House New Video

August 21 2017

At the beginning of 2017, videographer & film maker, Goh Iromoto and his producer & photographer, Courtney Boyd visited Kenya for 4 weeks. During that time they stayed at The Emakoko in Nairobi, Tangulia Mara Camp in the Masai Mara, Lewa House in the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and Ol Malo in Laikipia and filmed countless hours of footage and took thousands of photos. More importantly they captured the magic & essence of Kenya.

Their latest film captures the wonderful Lewa House, located at the very heart of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. Set on top of a hill with extensive views over gentle rolling hills with Mount Kenya to the south and the rugged Mathews Range and the sacred mountain of Ol Olokwe to the north, Lewa House is a little bit of heaven and very family friendly. We love sending our clients here as you feel like you are staying in someone’s home (which essentially you are) but with fabulous game viewing, guided walks and lots more activities on offer. Lewa House also supports the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and their wildlife conservation and local community development programs.

Watch and enjoy the new Lewa House video below:

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