Kenya Horseback Riding Safaris

April 21 2016

There are some fantastic horseback riding and wildlife safaris offering journeys of discovery and exploration in Africa’s wild and remote places. Your own private and professional safari guide will design a holiday to surprise and excite you, beyond your imagination.

Set Departure Rides scheduled for the 2016 season.

11th - 19th July : THE MASAI MARA RIDE

21st to 29th July : THE MASAI MARA RIDE

31st July to 6th August : A SHORT RIDE IN THE MARA

18th to 26th September : THE MASAI MARA RIDE


2017 Private Group Riding Safari

There is also plenty of space for Private Rides throughout the season. We are looking to get a group together for THE LOLLBORAN RIDE (6-nights) in north Kenya in February 2017 accompanied by DD Kingscote, Travel Africa's Founder & Director.

This is a PROPER mobile tented safari with comfortable beds in spacious Meru tents arranged in quiet, secluded camp sites with atmosphere. We will be riding on horses well used to the terrain and animals, across lovely private concessions under the watchful gaze of Mount Kenya. Laikipia is one of my most favourite parts of Kenya. The guiding and crake will be excellent but it won’t happen without the people. Remember, you can share it with NON-riders too because they will be so well looked after and have a wonderful time. 

If you are interested in joining our group riding safari or if you would like more informtion, please contact us. We promise you will enjoy every minute!


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