Is it safe to travel to Zimbabwe?

August 18 2016

It has been brought to our attention that there are several unwarranted rumours going around with regards to the safety in Zimbabwe, particularly on the self-drive side of things. So we would just like to take this chance to re-assure you of the situation on the ground from our suppliers based in Zimbabwe.

Please let us assure you that in the tourist areas there has been NO unrest or any problems to be concerned about - tourism carries on as usual!  Between Victoria Falls and Harare, our ground agents have travelled in the surrounding country and have not had ANY problems at road blocks or borders. Nor have any of our clients travelling here reported any such first-hand incidents to date.

On the currency side of things, Zimbabwe is still a USD based country which is indeed in short supply as many rumours have caused the populous to remove their cash and take it out of the country. However, tourists can use their VISA cards in most tourist areas and withdraw cash, albeit on a daily limit. However, as the majority of our holidays are pre-paid, most of our clients don’t need too much cash itself in country.

Everyone in Zimbabwe Tourism industry is committed to ensuring that all clients have the best possible experience. Zimbabwe is a beautiful country with a welcoming people and we can highly recommend it as a holiday desitnation. Whether you're looking for adventure, a special family holiday or a romantic getaway, Zimbabwe has something to offer everyone.

As specialists in tailor-made holidays to Africa, we strive to suggest the best locations, accommodation and activities to suit each client in a safe, welcoming environment. Please see our Zimbabwe page for more information and holiday ideas that can be tailor-made to suit your requirements.

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