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March 02 2016

Horse riding across the Namibian desert to the dramatic skeleton coast is certainly an experience you will never forget. One cannot fail to be intrinsically affected by spending time in the desert. To be within something so vast, and to have that much space and nothingness around you, is a feeling we rarely get in today’s world. And to be there on a horse? This safari is for riders and horse lovers, for there is no greater feeling for a rider than miles and miles of wide-open space and perfect terrain to gallop across.

Kate Coleridge from Handpicked Africa and photographer Philip Volkers, embarked on a journey to cross the arid, remote, and incredibly scenic Southern Namib desert and dunes to the coastal town of Luderitz. Namibia Horse Safari Company had been the first to pioneer this route a year before, and much of the 360 km ride towards the Skeleton Coast would be unchartered territory.

Kate has written a fabulous article entitled 'Horses Wild' describing her Namibian adventure.

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