Have a whale of a time at Nuarro Lodge, Mozambique

August 11 2016

Nuarro Lodge is located on the shores of the Indian Ocean in northern Mozambique stretching along a 2km-long, powdery-white beach. Built from natural materials by the local community with a focus on excellent service, top-class activities and fantastic food, Nuarro is the ideal venue in which to relax and unwind in these equally pristine surroundings.

Whales, coral and community!

To complement the amazing weather and whale sightings at Nuarro this month, there has also been a lot of behind the scenes work going on. Nuarro has started a new marine research project, this time, on coral recruitment. This project is led by Doctor David Glassom from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. The study takes place on various sites along the coast of Mozambique and aims to study coral reproduction. It's important to know about coral reproduction in order to understand the health of a reef.If a reef is not receiving new corals it will decline over time. Nuarro team is happy to be part of this important project and are looking forward to checking if corals are already settling by 1st September. 

New Latrines and refurbished well for the Nanantha Community
Anan Clinica has a project to aid and assist educating the communities on living improved lives. This particular project, headed up by volunteers, Jan and Frank, was all about the nutrition and hygiene. During the two months they were here, they spent most of their time meeting with the community and at the end of their stay they compiled a video of their work and presented it to the village.

The latrines (waterless toilets) were built in a central and convenient location. A fair distance from the water well in order to not contaminate the drinking water during the rainy season. The well, that the community rely on for their water supply, was completely overhauled and refurbished as well! Thanks to volunteers Frank and John for making this possible!

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