Education against extinction: saving Zambia’s black rhino

October 26 2017

Outposts Travel Africa fully supports conservation initiatives to save the rhino. In the face of ever more devastating poaching statistics, we would like to share this story of hope and meet the people responsible for bringing black rhinos back to Zambia. Help tomorrow’s generation in Zambia to love their environment and become future rhino guardians - not poachers.

Meet the children who are saving rhinos...

Emmanuel and his friends are on their way to North Luangwa National Park to see a rhino for the first time. Because even though they live right next door to the park, the rhinos are so protected and rare that they’ve never had the chance to see one. To help bridge the gap, the children learn in classrooms painted with rhino murals, and are each given a Conservation Activity Book that they can keep forever. And they get to visit the wild rhinos for themselves – something that means a LOT.

This education program works and it’s causing a generational shift, which could protect the future rhino population in Zambia. Your support can help Save The Rhino to reach more Zambian children and teach them to love rhinos. It can pay for more children to visit North Luangwa National Park and see rhinos and meet rangers for the very first time. And it can support the growing need for rangers to help keep the park and its black rhinos safe from a growing outside threat.

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