Day 8: Riding safari with Limpopo Valley Horse Safaris, Botswana

March 15 2015

Louise was fantastic and booked us into our planes, thank goodness as the planes were oversubscribed and Di got the last seat. We showered, sorted out suitcases, gave well deserved tips to the wonderful team of smiling staff and ate scrumptious breakfast no 2. Pancakes , my favourite. This time we drove across the Limpopo River rather than taking the flying fox. Water is lower than normal for this time of year.

We crossed the border into South Africa and drove all the way back to the airport in Johannesburg. It's a 6 hour drive on good roads. It was not a bad experience. Next month you will be able to take an internal flight both ways to save the drive.

Louise had travelled with us to meet Cor, who had been in hospital after a smash on his Mountain Bike. We bid them a fond farewell and having checked in, we all met for our last G and T in the airport, with an appropriate sunset as a back drop. It’s back to real life, doing one’s own mucking out and tack cleaning and working for a living. However, the warmth of the memory will remain and I will be back.

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