Day 6: Riding safari with Limpopo Valley Horse Safaris, Botswana

March 13 2015

We came across a delightful scene of many leaping impala, zebras and 4 giraffes with 2 tiny babies, ( if a giraffe is ever tiny,) who we startled. They galloped gracefully away in extraordinary slow motion before stopping to stare at us.

Later, after our daily pit and pee stop, where saddles are moved and horses rested for a short while, we had a perfect elephant sighting. Our path followed the contours of a raised river bank and we came across a small herd of elephants below us on the far bank. We were close but out of harm’s way so were able to watch them going about their business contentedly.Suddenly they sensed us and rumbled off, melting into the Mopane trees. We continued on and heard more elephants on the opposite bank. From our viewpoint we looked right down the river bed at some 50 elephants drinking, playing, and resting on the sand banks and in the water. A mother and daughter led a tiny calf to a pool just below us for a drink away from the crowd. It had not learned to use its trunk properly and had to kneel to drink with its mouth. What a sight from our undetected spot.

The horses sensed they were near home and were eager for their feed. West gave his loud whistle to alert the stables and we were all happy to dismount and get ready for lunch and our time for relaxing, or in my case, writing this. Di and I had a little excitement as, when we went to our tent there were some elephants about 20 yards from the door. West came and persuaded them to have their siesta elsewhere. I do LOVE Africa.

Louise and Ella, the children's resident teacher came and joined us for our sundowner drive where we found a spot overlooking a tributary of the Limpopo and enjoyed the spectacular light over the water as the sun set. Breathtaking.

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