Day 5: Riding safari with Limpopo Valley Horse Safaris, Botswana

March 12 2015

When nearly at our destination, the ground became rockier, full of beautiful sparkling crystals with lines of green copper running through. Apparently Cecil Rhodes wanted to mine this area but was not allowed. It was hot riding later in the day and Charlotte was a bit dehydrated.

Nadeli was another little haven. We arrived, hot and ready for a soothing flannel and a cold beer. This little camp has 4 double rooms, a beautiful kitchen, sitting area and an outside bar area by a small pool. It is a manicured, nurtured paradise looking right out into the bush, set right out of sight of all passers-by. There must be a road but we certainly arrived by the scenic route and never found it.

Showers, lunch, dip in the pool and siesta, then after tea and cake (yes, did I mention we have cake every tea time with iced tea?) We went for a bush walk. Some were distinctly nervous, sure that a lion or elephant would jump out of every bush with the express wish to devour or run us over. However, we made a peaceful and instructive walk to the top of a hillock and scouted with binoculars for elephants and other animals. The Ellie's were far off so we walked back a little more relaxed to get home to our sundowners before dark. It was nice to stretch our legs.

After dinner of the most delicious Botswana Beef, marinated, cooked slowly, and still pink in the middle we had a lesson in star gazing and Nicky divided a crystal she had collected and gave us all a piece to remember the holiday by.

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