Day 4: Riding safari with Limpopo Valley Horse Safaris, Botswana

March 11 2015

 We had to console ourselves with a lovely massage, compliments of the house, from either lovely Grace, or in my case, the lovely Queen. It was heaven to be pampered, with warm air wafting over one’s body and time for thoughts to meander gently in a most soporific manner.

Buti returned to take us all on a sundowner, evening drive and we found the 2 lionesses again, looking ready to give birth at any moment. While we were getting in position to look at them Buti got the car stuck. Our reaction, being British (and German), was to speak about something else in the hope that, by ignoring the problem, it would solve itself. There was no getting out and pushing with the 2 cats so close. It worked and with plenty of revving and rocking and much laughter we extracted ourselves and moved off.

We found a heavenly spot for sundowners, on a hill with a full circle of horizon, and only 2 lights to be seen about 50 miles away in neighbouring South Africa. Gin and tonics have never tasted so good. On the way back we found a pair of Aardwolf, heads poking from their burrow. I have never seen one before so I was very excited.

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