Day 3: Riding safari with Limpopo Valley Horse Safaris, Botswana

March 10 2015

Highlights of this day were:

  • Spotting a hyena guarding its prize, a tiny dead baby elephant.
  • From the crest of a hill, overlooking a glorious vista of yellowing, wavy grasses and small rounded trees stretching up to the next rise, we watched a herd of elephant walking by. They were bathed in a beautiful warm light and were unaware of or presence as we were downwind. A beautiful sight indeed. 
  • We saw masses of vultures, some circling and some sitting on trees; then we smelt death. We followed our senses and came across a multitude of feasting birds, so many we could not see the elephant they were eating, identifiable only by its size and a tip of its tusk poking out from the teeming, squabbling, flapping carrion eaters. These scavengers of the bush play such an important part in cleaning up all things dead. One loan hyena gave up the battle of trying to get a morsel, beaten back by so many wings.

We arrived at our “home” for the next 2 nights and were charmed by the sight of a traditionally built settlers type house designed in the old colonial style , with a tin roof, a wide cool stoop all around for sitting outside, a pool and large acres of lawn running down to the Limpopo River. There were 2 large Mashatu trees to give shade to both us and the horses, and a cold beer on offer from the ever ready, ever smiling Tips.  We ate a scrumptious lunch and retired to our quiet spots for some personal contemplation of Africa. The horses, all tied in a line with huge haynets and a well-deserved feed looked happy, cool after a thorough and meticulous wash down and check over. They are well looked after and very content with their lot, as are we.

That afternoon we went on an evening game drive for obligatory sundowners, enjoying a new area, with lots to see, both animal, vegetable and mineral. Our guide and driver Buti, was ably assisted by Tsaone and West, found us lots of exciting things to see, including a darling little jennet and 3 rattling porcupine spotted at night on the way back to camp.

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