Breathtaking Bale Mountains, Ethiopia

August 07 2015

I stayed at the wonderful Bale Mountain Lodge, an 8 room boutique Forest Wilderness Lodge located in the Bale Mountains National Park. Wow, what a place. This is the only real accommodation option in the park and if you're looking for an unforgettable experience, this is the place to stay. Owned & run by Guy Levene & his wife Yvonne, they have truly created a little piece of paradise in the middle of the rainforest.

The lodge nestles into the hillside so as to minimize the visual impact on the surrounding area and is built using local materials. All rooms are spacious and comfortable with a wood burning stove in each for the colder nights and furniture has been crafted locally using sustainable wood with an emphasis on comfort with Ethiopian style. 

Being the rainy season in the rainforest there was, as expected, a fair amount of rain but the vegetation was lush, everything was a vibrant green and I even managed to catch a glimpse of the rare Bale Monkey. I also went in search of the rarest canid in the world found only in the Ethiopian highlands: the Ethiopian wolf. With only around 500 remaining on the planet I thought my chances were slim but with Guy's expert knowledge of the area, we managed to spot 3 of these beautiful fox-like creatures in the distance. A remarkable end to this fascinating trip through Ethiopia.

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