Botswana's annual catfish runs have begun

August 24 2016

Gone Fishing!

Nxamaseri Island Lodge, located at the heart of the Delta panhandle in Botswana offers an intimate way to experience the peaceful beauty of the Okavango Delta and is a prime destination for fishing throughout the year. Tigerfish are indigenous to the area and as one of the world's most dramatic freshwater game fish it provides thrilling angling for both experienced and novice fisherman.

In addition to Tigerfish, there are another eight species at Nxamaseri, creating eventful and memorable fishing. Nxamaseri island Lodge has boats made for fishing and carries all the necessary equipment. They pride themselves on being the premier fly-fishing destination in Botswana and are featured in several specialist fly-fishing books including "Fly Fishing in Southern Africa", "The Longest Cast" and "A Fly Fishing Safari in Africa".

The prize catch at Nxamaseri is the Tigerfish and the best Tigerfishing is during the annual catfish runs in September and October.

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