Botswana Young Explorers Program

October 21 2016

Botswana is a wonderful destination for a family safari. Ker & Downey Botswana has set the bar high with their Young Explorers program on offer at Footsteps camp, adding a whole new dimension to your family holiday. The program is specially designed to offer you and your family the opportunity to discover the wonders of the African wilderness together; by giving your children the chance to understand Africa, the animals and the bush skills of the local people.

You and your family will have the exclusive use of Footsteps Camp, a professional guide, personal chef, waiter, housekeeper and dedicated Mokoro guides. This not only allows you to explore the bush at your leisure, it means you have fun doing so!

With Young Explorers, children will never forget the experience of living and learning in the bush of the Delta. The emphasis is on conservation, respect for the earth, and learning some genuine bush survival skills along the way. Their personal guide explains how animals can be tracked using a bit of experience and some keen detective work. They will embark on their own safari and experience nature in all her wonder, from climbing termite mounds, constructing bows and arrows from materials found around them, to making a fire with nothing but a few dried leaves.

With guides born and bred in Botswana, they have a real passion for their country and that enthusiasm is passed on; they have a brilliant way with children, making the learning experience fun but keeping them in order – this is the African Bush, after all. Activities are designed to be both educational and inspiring, and the time spent on the Young Explorers Program at Footsteps camp is sure to leave a lasting impression and fond memories in the minds of all the family. But most importantly they will develop a love and appreciation of Africa. Parents can enjoy some peace and quiet whilst our expertly trained Young Explorers guide entertains the children with a multitude of activities to suit all ages. The programme is geared to families with children aged 7 – 15 years of age; and the programme takes place over a 3-night stay at Footsteps camp.

The Young Explorers programme complements the family safari experience available at Okuti and Kanana Camps. Okuti, lies alongside the Maunachira River which flows through Xakanaxa Lagoon within the world renowned Moremi Game Reserve. Here families are accommodated in specially designed two-bedroom suites and have their own vehicle and guide for a more intimate safari experience. At Kanana, families are able to sleep under the stars on the sleep-out deck, view the diverse animal populations from their game vehicle or experience the crystal clear channels by motorboat and glass-bottomed Mokoro.

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