Borana - So Much More Than Just a Tourism Destination

August 08 2016

Borana is one of East Africa's original fully hosted, family-owned eco-lodges. Located in the wonderfully remote Laikipia District in Kenya with panoramic views of Mount Kenya, Borana provides an idyllic setting for any African experience. Borana Conservancy provides a sustainable ecosystem in partnership with their neighbours and community for critically endangered species. They have worked hard to create an exceptional and diverse experience, and tourism activities are essential. 



Congratulations to Number 6. A couple of weeks ago she gave birth to a very healthy male. Both are thriving on the abundant fodder which is growing on Borana. They have had some nice rain this year so the wildlife is looking fat and happy.


‘Running for Rangers’ are a dedicated group of individuals who are raising money for the welfare of the rangers who risk their lives daily to protect Africa’s endangered species. Rather than just tell the story – the “Running For Rangers” team hope that by taking part in some of the hardest, most challenging ultra events on the planet, they can draw attention not only to the plight of Africa’s wildlife and the poaching crisis, but the hardships and dangers the rangers are exposed to in trying to protect our wildlife - and in doing so, raise funds that go directly to rangers’ welfare.

In their latest endeavour, the team ran the tortuous Jungle Ultra in Peru. Running for 5 days covering 250km of thick jungle in 100% humidity. It was the most incredible experience, made all the more rewarding by the fact that out of the whole race only 20 finished and the RfR team made up 10 of that number.


Yvonne Peek - who has cerebral palsy learnt to ride with Riding for the Disabled and progressed to riding at Borana - not only did she get very confident at a canter she also saw the Big 5 from a horse within 24 hours. On her first ride out from the stables a lioness grunted just a few metres away, warning the horses they were interrupting her youngster hunting, elephant were browsing further up the lugga! On the way back they frightened a leopard out of his hiding place in a thick Carissa bush. The following morning she saw rhinos and a massive herd of buffalo!

Borana is ideal for both experienced and novice riders and fabulous for families.

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