Bartholomeus Klip

March 04 2015

Secondly was to encounter a 70 year old mountain tortoise who was reluctant to come out of his shell, but was impressively large, and thirdly, another first for me, was to see a herd of Quagga, pronounced Kwaha. Genetically the same as the zebras we know but differently marked. They have been reintroduced and are now being bred as part of a conservation initiative. They are zebras without trousers. In addition they have a buffalo breeding project and I am still waiting to hear what else.
Bartholomeus Klip and reserve are located in a very beautiful valley with mountains as the backdrop, a peaceful haven where one can relax and enjoy truly excellent food and surroundings with a family atmosphere without losing the respect and thoughtfulness of really good staff. There are guests who have just arrived who are returning for the 9th time!!!

Our last whole day was spent relaxing by the pool, and in the evening, fishing on the dam before sundowners and the best dinner ever. We will definitely be back…

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