AnTassia Women's Project: Maasai Beaded Designs

March 21 2017

Outposts Travel Africa fully support The AnTassia Bead Project. It was formed by a wonderful lady called Antonia Stogdale in partnership with the Mokogodo Maasai women of Tassia, Kenya. Initially Antonia started working with twenty women and due to the success of the project, there are now a hundred women from the community involved.

The twin philosophies behind AnTassia are firstly to utilise the traditional beading and jewellery skills of the women; thereby creating a sustainable source of income for them and their families. Secondly sourcing materials where possible from recycled items. The focus now is on designing and creating solidly beaded clutch bags. Each bag is one of a kind, designed by Antonia and made by one of the Maasai woman. The bags are extremely intricate and involve an enormous amount of work. Each takes 2-4 weeks to make. In purchasing an AnTassia product you are directly helping the women of Tassia.

We are delighted to share the new AnTassia video which you can watch above! Gem Hall ( did a fantastic job capturing the amazing Maasai ladies and their incredible beaded bags, creating a sustainable source of income for themselves & their families in Kenya. Please share & spread the word!

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