An exceptional safari guide can make all the difference

November 08 2017

Huge congratulations to Lewis Mangaba, one of the professional guides at Somalisa Camp located in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, for winning the Unsung Hero Award at PURE Life Experiences, hosted in Marrakesh. The award recognises the passion of guides who go the extra mile to offer a truly memorable safari experience.

The importance of your guide to your safari experience cannot be stressed enough. What makes a guide truly exceptional is their attention to detail, sense of humour, story-telling ability and total infatuation with the bush and Africa as a whole. The best ways to experience the benefits of a truly exceptional safari guide is to get out of the 4x4 and into the wild with a guided walking or canoeing safari. With the expertise of local guides and expert trackers, walking and canoeing safaris give you a chance to appreciate the harmony of nature and to experience the bush with all of your senses engaged, offering an intimate and enriching experience.

More About Lewis...

For Lewis, his greatest passion is walking in the African bush, observing and interpreting the intricate relationship of the ecosystems surrounding him and sharing these experiences with his guests. Lewis also has a deep love affair with photography and travel writing as it allows him to express his personal observations and encounters to the rest of the world. "We are brothers and sisters in both psyche and substance with nature," is a favourite saying which Lewis is frequently heard repeating to his guests.

Lewis joined the team at Somalisa Camp in April 2016 and consistently surprises everyone with his poetic and inspiring posts on Facebook. A pleasure to work with, Lewis is constantly finding the good in every situation and sharing his love for the bush and all things wild.



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