Addis Ababa Highlights

July 31 2015

I headed to The National Museum which is well worth a visit with exhibits ranging from palaeontology to Ethiopian art to traditional weapons, clothing and musical instruments. The casts of Lucy, a fossilised hominid discovered in 1974, on show are remarkable and the real bones are preserved in the archives of the museum. July and August bring the rains so I was prepared for short sharp storms and managed to dash into Tomoca for a great cup of coffee to avoid getting soaked. The city was preparing for President Obama’s imminent visit so hotels were booked up and security was high.

There is a range of accommodation on offer in Addis depending on your budget from the International standard Hilton Hotel to the more affordable Hotel Lobelia. I stayed at Jupiter International Hotel in Cazanchis but they also have a branch in Bole, located very close to the airport. All have free Wi-Fi, international food options and very comfortable rooms. Around every corner there are great coffee houses, restaurants and bars throughout the city just waiting to be explored. A new railway line is also under construction from Addis to Djibouti and is due to be up & running shortly. People are welcoming and friendly and the odd 'Salam' (hello) went a long way!

Next stop...Mystical Monasteries of Bahir Dar. Read On >

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