A new day has dawned for Zimbabwe...

November 27 2017

Article by Travel Africa Magazine

As a new dawn greets the people of Zimbabwe, we share their enthusiasm and excitement for the future, fully aware that this is the start of a new chapter in their journey to a democratic and free future in which all Zimbabweans have a voice and a role to play.

Zimbabweans of all ages and races are remarkable people; peace-loving, friendly, patient, respectful and optimistic. Over the years they have discovered an incredible resourcefulness that will no doubt help them as they move forward.

DD & Michael Kinsgcote from Outposts Travel Africa visited Zimbabwe 4 years ago to gain first hand destination experience. We have consistently encouraged people to visit Zimbabwe, to help support the economy, sustain jobs and enjoy the cultural exchange that results – while having a fantastic holiday! This message has never been more relevant: tourism can make the quickest and most notable difference to the economy and will show Zimbabweans you support them. It is a beautiful, diverse country with so much to offer visitors, and you will seldom meet such a welcoming and deserving people.

Travel Africa Magazine has published two editions of Travel Zimbabwe magazine in the past, and if you'd like to flick through them then click here.

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