A heartwarming story from Uthando South Africa

March 31 2017

Uthando South Africa is a unique non-profit organisation which aims to raise funds for life changing community development projects in South Africa.

When we design itineraries in South Africa for our clients, we like to offer a Uthando tour as it offers a unique and authentic introduction to the social problems confronting so many millions of South Africans. Very importantly, the projects are not treated as tourist attractions and the tours are designed in such a way as to educate, inform and inspire while also respecting the dignity and privacy of the people concerned. The projects are, after all, places where people live, work and in most cases, just survive.

Uthando South Africa works with and supports a large collection of independent, well managed, innovative and inspiring community development projects and charitable organizations across a broad spectrum of sectors. We thought you would enjoy this heartwarming story, amidst the sea of troubles besetting the world currently there are many beautiful stories that we should cherish……

Doreen and Bob Ward first heard about Uthando in 2015 when staying at Parker Cottage in Cape Town. When leaving Cape Town, they left their Grandson's dance shoes at Parker Cottage to be found a good home which turned out to be Zama Dance School in Gugulethu. In early 2017 Bob and Doreen contacted Northern Ballet School in Leeds to ask for donations of ballet shoes for Zama Dance School on their upcoming March 2017 return visit to Cape Town.

By early March, 50 dance students had donated shoes and 19 had written lovely letters for the Zama students. They were amazed and delighted at the response. One of Zama Dance School graduates now teaches at Northern Ballet in the UK and they were thrilled to meet his mother when they visited Zama school on the 14th of March. A wonderful outcome and thanks to the many people who helped this happen.

“We felt Uthando was the township tour company for us and so it proved to be.” - Bob and Doreen

Outposts travel Africa can tailor-make any itinerary to South Africa. We would be delighted to incorporate a Uthando tour into your itinerary. Simply contact us to start planning your holiday!

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