10 Reasons why you & your family will love Ol Malo, Kenya!

May 13 2016

The Easter holiday mayhem may be a hazy memory, but the summer holidays are not so far away.....it must be time to be planning your next adventure! Here are 10 reasons why you should take yourselves to Kenya and add Ol Malo to your itinerary.

1. Firstly why Kenya…? It’s an amazing fun and free place to bring up children and Kenyans are wonderful with kids. From Airport Officials to Samburu Warriors you will have no end of help and friendliness where ever you travel. The experiences you’ll have with places and faces throughout the country will be life changing for those little minds and so enjoyable for all of you.

2. Why Ol Malo...? Family owned and Family operated. We’ve all grown up here and know first hand what the best things are to do and how to keep people of all ages entertained.

3. It's in a Malaria free zone, although you may still need to take a prophylactic if you are traveling to other areas of the country.

4. Get away from the norm, people hear safari and they think…game drives…games drives and more games…and bored kids!! Maybe true for some places, but not Ol Malo. Get rid of that cabin fever… take a ride on horse, enjoy the view from a camel, work up a sweat on a bicycle.

5. Walk with a Samburu warrior and learn about the little things: medicinal plants, stitching ants, baboon spiders and bows and arrows!

6. Collect food for the table; Milk a cow, or even a camel! Collect the eggs, raid the veggie garden and cook a Swahili meal.

7. Learn about a new culture. Join the Samburu children on their walk to school and morning circle, bead with the mamas at the workshop and visit a local market or Samburu homestead. www.samburutrust.org

8. Sleep under the stars in the tree house, sit up and watch for leopard from the hide while snuggled in bunk beds. Or spend a night under canvas, perhaps even a few days under on Ol Malo Nomad, horseback with all your belongings on a trusty train of camels, learning the ways of the Nomads.

9. Spend a lunch on the river, ride the rapids, have a mud fight, catch a fish!

10. Take a day trip in the helicopter up the rift valley over flamingo lakes, crocodile infested pools and breath taking views… race down sand dunes, explore ‘moonscapes’, enjoy a picnic in the middle of nowhere …. even better leave the kids at Ol Malo and make it a romantic trip for two!

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